Confidence: How you can build confidence in your self


Confidence is a thing that few people use in business without a degree. You will learn about how to build confidence in yourself in the following article. Confidence means you have a feeling of surety about your qualities, abilities, or ideas. You can also call confidence the courage of something to do in your life. According to Tony Schwartz confidence equals security which equals positive emotion which equals better performance. Tony Schwartz is the president of the Energy Project.

Preparation of Confidence

You may have heard from your teachers that practice makes a man perfect. Wells that is true and according to Schwartz investing energy and working hard on anything is the best way to develop confidence in yourself. If you are unsure about your ability then speak in a public and large audience. Also if it’s hard for you then you should start by testing your skills in a comfortable sitting. Practice not only builds confidence in you it also builds quality work done for you. If you have a presentation, you must try it many times before going to present. Also if you are going to open a new store then you must dry run it first. People who are confident in their capabilities become better and better with their preparation.

Don’t get into your own way

People usually think about the things which they believe they can’t do. So in that case it’s better to know when you need help rather than Not. At a certain level of building confidence in any ability, you should agree that you need guidance or support from someone. But that not means that you begin thinking about what other people think. So it should not be your main focus and also don’t get wrapped in it. And remember what Katie Orenstein tells us confidence will no more self-promotion when you relate your value to others. In fact, keep in mind that confidence is all about a purpose to do a thing. Switch your thinking about what other thinks with the focus on the unique perspective you are bringing.

Take Risks in Your Life

You should accept new challenges in your life because many people don’t know about their abilities entirely until they are truly tested about them. Failure will become your confidence when you try the things which you cant do. Wells its not feels good when you are not good at anything but there should be faith in getting better at that thing. But also keep in mind that you will also not feel good all time. So that means having stress is the only way to grow in the future.

there is some principle of confidence that you should need to follow

  • practice the things of which you are not sure about
  • Prove yourself that you can do difficult tasks by embracing new opportunities
  • Don’t hesitate to request external validation
  • Don’t focus on a judgemental audience and also don’t worry about what others think

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Review Your Past Achievements

It will be easy for you to say “I am able to do this” when you remind your self your old achievements. You will also understand which things you are good at in the past. Do this activity in baby steps like listing the 10 achievements in which you think you performed your best. These listings will convert into statements that will help you in fighting with negative self-talk.

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