Custom PC: Things To Know Before Building A Gaming PC

Custom PC

A custom PC might be a good option for you because, in the end, you will get a customized computer that will fulfill your demands. For a customized pc you have two options. In the number one option, you can build your own PC by your self and in the second if you don’t have time you can order a pre-built customized PC right at your doorstep. This article will help both of these, like if you are ordering a pre-built PC then you should need to know about parts of a computer. Building a PC by yourself might seem hard for you but it would not be if you read this post.

And it also saves a lot of your bucks. A customized pc will have many benefits in the end, in the future if you want to upgrade your PC then you don’t need to take it to a third party because you would know how and which part of the PC needs to be changed. You can have your own choice of PC components for better FPS and for gaming performance. We are sharing the guide to components for a gaming PC but if you don’t have time to understand them. Then you should visit any custom PC build and you can check out the components of their pre-build PCs. And you can easily buy those components in the market. There are many of the best custom PC builders out there like, BLD by NZXT, CyberPower PC, Xidax, MainGear, etc.

So What Do You Need For Your Custom PC?

Before you dive into the building there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • System Requirments: There are many purposes of customized PCs, one of them is gaming. If you want a PC for gaming then you should look at the requirements of the game.
  • Your Budget: It’s not compulsory to build the most expensive PC. You should make a budget-friendly PC because later after that you can upgrade in the future easily parts by parts.
  • Compatibility of Components: Components of a PC like a motherboard and graphic card should have compatibility with each other. All components should be able to work with each other.

After deciding on the components you should need some basic things to have before building the main components. Like the Case in which you will fit all the components of the PC. It depends upon you which type of casing you choose. Before building you also must have some screwdrivers and a comfortable workspace.

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Central Processing Unit (CPU)

CPU is known as the brain of your PC. It executes the instructions written in code that are required to run programs. Choosing the right CPU is one of the main parts of the PC building. Always look for a CPU with better cores and threads. Both cores and threads have different impacts on performance while gaming by increasing the FPS of it. Prices of CPUs change too much so if your one is expensive so buy the cheaper one and buy your one when it gets cheaper. Two main brands are well known for this work, Intel and AMD. Choose wisely according to your demands.

GPU (Graphic Processing Unit)

For gaming, you need another processor known as a Graphic Processing Unit (GPU). It calculates multiple visual code calculations for better performance in games and other Professional graphical or visual work. The two main players in this field are AMD and Nvidia. Both have different models with different pros and cons. GPUs are always priced high due to their demand. It plays the main role in the FPS of games. To play modern world games you must need a GPU.


It is the main circuit board of the PC. Everything on your computer is connected and attached to it. So from the Cpu to every other component like graphic card, storage device, etc must be compatible with your Motherboard. You have a variety of motherboards according to their models and sizes like ATX, microATX, and mini-ITX. Our recommendation is to buy a large-size motherboard so you can attach more components and follow the demands of future components.


All of your content that you want to store permanently not temporarily stored in your internal storage devices. In past or still, HDDs were used in computers but now SSDs took their place of them due to their fast speed and less data loss.


Ram is also a type of storage device that matters in gaming and high-performance tasks. Fast ram means fast data transfer between computer components. for gaming 16 GB or 32GB of ram will be fine.

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