Obesity: Why Overweight and Obesity Not Good for Your Health

Obesity means having too much extra mass in your body. In adults, a BMI of greater than 30 is the point which will be called Obesity. And 40 BMI or more than that is known as severe obesity. Talking about Obesity also known as being Overweight is a chronic and complex disease due to many causes which lead to too much body mass. Being overweight also increases the chances of risky diseases. If you talk about fat it itself not a disease with too much it can change it functions which are performed by it in our body. If you ignore these types of changes these will not stop because of progressiveness and they will lead to aggressive diseases. There are many side effects of obesity.
Well, there is good news you can lose some fat to avoid such problems. A little change in your body weight will also make changes in being overweight. There are too many methods you may have already read on the internet but every method is not for everybody. And even if you lose weight then the first problem after that will be to keep that weight means not gaining weight again.

How Weight is Connected to Obesity.

BMI also knowns as Body Mass Index is commonly used to observe the Obesity of a person. BMI includes the matching of your weight with your height. If your Obesity BMI is 30 or over 30 then that means you are overweight. So BMI is the way to know when you should be careful about your overweight problem. BMI also provide limitations like athletes and bodybuilders who have more muscles will have high BMI level due to their muscles even if their level of Fat is low. Sometimes there are different cases like when your BMI is normal but your level of fat is high then you will suffer the same risks as the one who got a higher BMI.

There are also some ethnic differences observed by researchers a guy from Asia may have health risks at a lower BMI and an African guy may suffer health risks at a higher BMI. So there you see there are many conditions in which your weight is connected to obesity.  Also, there is another way which is measuring fat around the waist. It measures waist circumference, if your waist has more fat around it then it means you are overweight. There were some Obesity symptoms. 

Side Effects of Obesity

Many health risks come forward after the overweight. Like type 2 diabetes. Obesity causes Cardiovascular disease increases which includes High blood pressure, high rate of cholesterol levels, coronary artery disease, and heart attack. If we talk about liver diseases, the liver is responsible for filtering your blood. And when excessive fats that circulate in your blood enter into it then it can cause chronic liver inflammation and may be long-term damage to the liver. In the Kideny diseases, diabetes, and liver diseases are one of them. Due to obesity high cholesterol in the blood causes the collection of cholesterol in your gallbladder. Which leads to gallstones of cholesterol and gallbladder diseases.

Extra fats can disturb the organs of your respiratory system and also push stress onto the musculoskeletal system. And it causes asthma, Osteoarthritis, pain in the back, and gout. Indirect effects include dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and cognition. Also, it includes Female Infertility and some pregnancy difficulties. Obesity can cause depression and mood disorders also some cancers like

  • esophageal
  • colorectal
  • uterine
  • ovarian
  • breast
  • pancreatic

What are The Causes of Obesity


Hormones are responsible for our hunger and satiety signals. hormones can be disturbed by many things like taking stress, lack of sleep, and also some genetic variations. When hormones are disturbed, they can cause demand for more food even if your body doesn’t recommend more calories.

Fast Food

It’s easy to consume a lot of calories if you are eating highly processed and convenience foods. these foods are not good for your body because they are high in sugar and low in nutrients and fiber. People usually like it because of the cost and access.

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Psychological factors

In this era Loneliness, anxiety and depression are common which causes people to overeat to overcome all of these issues. These foods activate some of the centers of mind which provide pleasures to us. Thus overeating leads to being overweight.

Culture of Screens

In this modern time where everything is online right in front of your screen. People usually consume most of their time on it.

Some of Medication

Some medications may increase your weight because of the drugs include in them. If it happens then you should consult with your doctor for help.

How is obesity diagnosed?

You should visit your healthcare provider regularly so that he will check your weight, height, and waist circumference to check your BMI and obesity level. You will also let them know about your health story so that they can provide you with some suggestions.

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