Why Black Adam is the top movie: Story of Black Adam

Story of Black Adam

Story of Black Adam: There are different sides to the world. The good side and the bad side. In addition to this, there is an existence of both heroes and villains in the same world. But the most important thing to discuss is their origin. I mean that villains are not always born a villain. Sometimes, it’s their origin that makes them choose the evil path. It is true that the majority of villains are born with evil thoughts. For example, thoughts to rule and destroy the world. But not all of them are the same.

The same case is with the Black Adam. Black Adam is one of the most iconic characters in the DC universe. In addition to this, the Black Adam movie has just recently launched on October 21, 2022. This movie has gained a lot in just a few days. Not only this, but the official trailer of the movie was also at its peak when released. People were waiting for it impatiently. Now since the movie has finally been released, it has gone at a high scale.

In addition to this, the movie is more interesting than the audience thought it would be. There are many things that increase in the grace of the movie. There are high-action fight scenes. Other than this, the movie has different plot twists that increase the curiosity of the audience and twists in the story. Not only this, Dwayne Johnson, also known as the Rock, is playing the main character of the movie. This is making the movie more interesting.

Introduction part of the movie (story of Black Adam)

The movie starts from an ancient city named Khandak city. The story tells us that the first part of the story was 5000 years before the present. In addition to this, Khandak city was a very peaceful and free city. Until a cruel king came and took over the rule of the city.

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Speaking of the Black Adam, the cruel king came and ruled over the city. He killed many people for no reason and showed no mercy to the population. He forced people to dig the city. The reason for digging the city was a material called “Eternium.” He wanted to get this material to get some evil magical powers that can help him not only to rule the city. But to rule the entire world.

Eternium was found finally

After some constant struggles of the people, the Eternium material was finally found. The king wanted to use that material in order to make a crown that will give him magical powers. In addition to this, according to the storyline, the powers achieved through the Eternium are immense. At that time, a child stood up among the people and tried to convince the people. He convinced the people not to bow down in front of the cruel ruler.

When the king found out that a kid is standing against him, he decided to kill that kid. He ordered his army to imprison the child. When they were proceeding to kill him, the child vanishes eventually.

The land of Magic Shazam (Origin story of Black Adam)

The child had closed his eyes while being attacked. So when he opens his eyes, he is shocked to find himself in a dark strange environment surrounded by seven strange-looking people. Those strange-looking people were the magicians of the land of magic. They addressed the boy and said that they were impressed by his courage to stand against the evil in his city.

They further told the boy that they would give him some powers to fight against that cruel king. In addition to this, they said, “Whenever you will say the word Shazam, you will be granted with some immense magical powers.” Not only this, but with the help of these powers, he can beat the cruel king.

The birth of Black Adam

After listening to the magicians, the boy just says Shazam, and eventually turns into someone powerful. He was no longer a helpless boy, but now, he was changed into something that no one could imagine. Finally, the Black Adam was born. Dwayne Johnson was finally introduced in the plot of the movie. After this, he immediately went into the King’s Palace.

At that time, the king’s crown of strange powers was ready. In addition to this, the king was just proceeding to wear that crown. But at that moment, Black Adam attacked the king and killed him. The powers of Black Adam were so immense that he couldn’t control them. Thus, he led to the destruction of the entire city including the lives of the poor people. There was nothing left except ashes and ruins.

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Khandak City present time

After that horrible destruction scene, the plot of the movie twisted to the present time. It was the same city but now it is modern. A lot of things have changed but one thing is the same about the city. It still has many terrors that are covering it. In the past, as we know that the city was overtaken by a cruel king. But in the present time, the city was overtaken by a furious gang.

This gang always spread terror in the city. In addition to this, their main ambition was to achieve that crown. Yes, the same old crown made of Eternium. They were making many efforts in order to find the crown but they couldn’t find it. Until Andriana, an archeologist was searching for the discovery of ancient things. She tried to find that crown as well.

Andriana discovered that the crown is inside an underground cave. She went to the cave in search of the crown along with an ally and Ismael, who was her companion the whole time. Andriana successfully found the crown in that cave.

Betrayal of Ismael

The moment Andriana found the crown, Ismael showed his true colors. He killed the ally who was with them and called the gang who was in search of the crown. The gang immediately approached the cave and snatched the crown from Andriana. They were about to kill Andriana.

Ismael was the companion of Andriana for a long time. After seeing this sudden betrayal, you can imagine what Andriana had gone through from.

The return of Black Adam

When Andriana was on the ground taking her counting her final seconds, she saw something written on the ground. She looked at the words carefully and tried to read what was written on the floor. After concentrating for a few matter of seconds, she managed to read what was written on the ground. “Shazam”, she said and there was a burst of lightning in the cave that surprised everyone.

From inside the lightning, a mysterious person came out. He killed all the gang members inside the cave. Luckily, Ismael was safe because he was acting like being dead. In addition to this, that mysterious personality didn’t do anything to Andriana. Who was it? It was no one other than the Black Adam. Black Adam spared Andriana because she was the reason for his freedom. Black Adam was trapped there for 5000 years. But finally was free now.

Black Adam vs the Gang

When Black Adam went out of the cave, he saw that there were other gang members who were approaching to attack. Black Adam didn’t waited a second and attacked all the forces that were heading towards the cave. Fortunately, one of the members successfully shooter a missile towards Black Adam. The missile wasn’t normal. It’s true that the missile wasn’t a big deal for Black Adam. But at the same time, the missile was strange looking.

As expected, Black Adam caught the missile in his hands. He was shocked to see the missile. The material inside the missile was familiar to Black Adam. The missile was made of Eternium. Black Adam was just thinking about it. While that time, the missile burst out in his hands implying heavy damage to Black Adam. He successfully killed the gang member who threw that missile at him.

Weakness of Black Adam

The moment that missile burst into his hands, it implied heavy damage to his body. That damage was so severe that it led to Black Adam being unconscious. This tells us that Black Adam is vulnerable to Eternium. So, Etertnium is the biggest weakness of Black Adam.

Andriana took Black Adam to her home. When Black Adam woke up, he found himself in the house of Andriana. Her son was sitting beside him. When Black Adam got up. The child addressed him by saying that you saved my mother from those gang members and killed them. In addition to this, you became a savior for the city. Please help us to get freedom from this gang.

The rudeness of Black Adam

Black Adam was so rude that he replied to the kid by saying that this is no longer his city. His people already died in the past. Now it is not his city, so it is not his headache to save the people here. He also tells the boy that he saved Andriana because she was the one to free him from that ancient trap.

After saying this, he leaves the house and tours all around the city. He was observing what changes have been made to the city since the last time he saw it. This lasted only for a moment when a lady that deals with the arrival of superheroes and villains for the safety of the people. She announces the arrival of the Black Adam. Also, she warns everyone from him as he was the reason for the destruction of this city 5000 years ago. And he could do it again.

The Justice Society

She contacted Hawkman to prepare his team for the threat that was coming. Hawkman prepared his team The Justice society and headed towards the city. Meanwhile, Black Adam left the place and started touring the city again. He found that the gang members caught Andriana. He immediately headed towards the place for the rescue.

While Black Adam was fighting for the rescue of Andriana, the Justice Society arrived at the same moment to attack Black Adam. Even both the Gang members and the Justice Society attacking Black Adam at the same time. Black Adam was too much for them. He beat the gang members and after observing that Andriana is safe, he left the place.

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Justice Society convinces Andriana

After that moment, the Justice society head towards Andriana to convince her. They ask her if she can help them to trap Black Adam. Also, they tell her about the dark side of the Black Adam. But Andriana refuses by saying that where were they when the gang was terrorizing the people. In addition to this, she also tells them that it was Black Adam who rescued them. Hawkman tries to convince her by asking her to arrange a meeting with the black Adam. She agrees upon it and take them to the Black Adam.

The reality of Ismael

Meanwhile, the Justice Society visits and talks with the Black Adam, Ismael is furious that he couldn’t find the crown. He furiously went to Andriana’s house and Kidnapped her son. But luckily, her son was successful in calling her mother and informing her that he was been kidnapped by Ismael. When she got the terrible news, she rushes to the Black Adam and the Justice Society members and requests them to help her.

Both agree and went to the place where Ismael had taken her son. At that moment, Ismael reveals that he is the leader of the gang that was in search of the crown. And he also threatens Andriana to give him the crown otherwise he will kill her son. Andriana had no choice but to hand over the crown to him. When he receives the crown, he still shoots the boy, but Black Adam furiously steps forward. He saves the child as well as he kills Ismael with his immense lightning magic as he did with the king. But this time, at least not destroying the entire city.

He successfully kills Ismael and saves Andriana’s son. Andriana thanks him and then he moves towards the Justice Society to surrender.

The reality of Black Adam

Black Adam, after saving Andriana’s son, talks with Hawkman. He tells him about his biggest secrets. He tells Hawkman that the boy who stood against the cruel king in the old time was his son. Moreover, he explains that when the boy was vanished, the king furiously attacked him and his wife. He tortured both of them so much that no one could even imagine. His wife could not bear it anymore and died in front of his eyes.

After some time, his son returned. Also, his son gave all the powers to him. This turns him into a powerful being. But at that time, he was again attacked by the army of the king. This attack resulted in the death of his son. Black Adam explains that his son died and he was the only one to survive in his family because of the powers. After the death of his son, he was so depressed that he furiously killed the king. But when he did so, his powers were too much for him to control, and thus led to the destruction of the entire city.

The magicians were very angry with him as he misused his powers and destroyed innocent lives. They captured and trapped him in that cave forever.

Black Adam surrenders to the Justice Society

Black Adam was so sad at this incident. He didn’t want it to happen again. So, he decides to surrender himself to the Justice Society. He says the word Shazam and reverts back to his normal human form. He also requests them to trap him in such a way, so he could never say this word again and escape. The Justice Society imprisons him in the underwater Jail.

The plot twist of the Story: The birth of Sabbac

Ismael knew that if he had to achieve the powers of the crown, then he has to be killed while holding the crown in his hand. This is the reason that he challenged Black Adam to kill him by attempting to kill Andriana’s son. Now, we see Ismael in the hell. He meets the demon of hell who grants him his powers. Thus, Ismael is converted into a newly powerful being, known as Sabbac.

Now Sabbac make his way to the earth. He destroys everything. The Justice Society arrives to fight against the newly born threat. But it was clear that they were no match for the powers of Sabbac. Doctor Fate tried his clone trick as a final move but it also failed in beating him. Now, every one sees only one possibility. Black Adam was the only one who can have a chance against Sabbac.

Releasing The Black Adam

Doctor Fate contacted Black Adam with his telepathic abilities explaining him the situation. He told them that they need his help. Black Adam decides to help them. The Justice Society helps Black Adam from the battle field to escape from the Jail. Black Adam takes down some bodyguards who were watching him. Then he immediately says the word Shazam and transforms into his Black Adam form again. He then rushes towards the battlefield. Sadly, Doctor Fate was killed in this battle.

But Black Adam also arrives on the battle field at that moment. He gives an excellent fight to the newly reborn creature Sabbac. Sabbac tried his best to defeat Black Adam but was barely a match for the immense powers of Black Adam. Black Adam finishes Sabbac off by tearing him into two pieces and blowing him to ashes with his lightning magic. The day was finally saved. All thanked Black Adam.

Superman in Black Adam

Black Adam after killing Sabbac went somewhere to stay in solitude. He sees the same lady on the screen who warns him not to come out from his city. Black Adam told her that no one tells him what to do, he will do as he please. The lady replied by telling him that they may not be able to stop him but there is someone who is not from earth will gonna stop him. This infuriated Black Adam, he blew up the screen. There was dust everywhere. From the dust comes out Superman, who then says to Black Adam, “We need to talk.” Thus, the movie ends here.

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